Prefijos telefónicos: qué son, prefijos de países populares 2022


¿Alguna vez ha intentado hacer una llamada fuera de su país y desea saber cuáles son todos los números a los que necesita llamar? Además, en la era de las aplicaciones populares de mensajería instantánea como WhatsApp, debería haber observado que tanto su número de teléfono móvil como el número de teléfono móvil de sus contactos tienen un signo más delante de ellos, seguido de dos o tres dígitos.
Bueno, si quieres saber cuáles son estos números de entrada, déjame decirte que estamos hablando de prefijos telefónicos. Sigue leyendo y te explicaré qué son y para qué sirven. Comprender los detalles básicos de los códigos telefónicos.
¿Qué es un prefijo telefónico?

First, I'll answer a basic question: What is a phone code? The telephone prefix is ​​a numerical code assigned to separate areas that share the same network of telephone terminals. These prefixes fall into two categories: regional identifiers or national and international area codes.
In the past, the telephone prefix for direct international calls was entered by dialing 00 twice in most countries. In the case of the Mexican prefix, it is displayed as 0052. This has now been replaced by the + sign followed by the international identifier associated with the specific territory.
Currently, these telephone dialing codes allow to distinguish between fixed and mobile calls, national and international long distance calls. By checking the phone number prefix, you can determine where the number is registered. Regarding the call rate, the call rate is usually higher when a connection is established between geographical areas with different prefixes.

How to know which country the telephone prefix belongs to?

There are several ways to find out which country a certain phone code belongs to. On the web, you can find several free and reliable sites from which you can view a list of phone codes by country. Although some are so popular, they are usually easy to identify, such as the US prefix, which is identified as +1.
Portals like adamo, Auslandsvorwahlen, entel or Zadarma provide a complete list of national and international area codes, search options by region and even full phone number recognition. In addition, they provide detailed information on how to dial these numbers correctly to connect calls to phone numbers in different parts of the world.
There are also apps and websites that allow you to track phone numbers, like Truecaller, Who has call or CallApp, and others like Telephone Prefixes of the World. It is available for Android and you can download it to quickly look up area codes and phone codes all over the world.

Popular country prefixes
According to the provisions of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the dial-up area is divided into nine regions in the world: North America, most of the territories of Africa, Europe (I) and (II), Central America, South America and the Caribbean, South Pacific and Oceania, Russia, East Asia and Special Services, and the Middle East and West Asia and South Asia.
Among these regions, according to telephone records (due to economic prosperity in some regions and strong immigration flows in others), some of the most popular or commonly used prefixes are:

  • United States 001 (+1)
  • Dominican Republic (+1)
  • Spain 0034 (+34)
  • France 0033 (+33)
  • Germany 0049 (+49)
  • Colombia 0057 (+57)
  • Mexico 0052 (+52)
  • Italy 0039 (+39)
  • England 0044 (+44)
  • Switzerland 0041 (+41)
  • Brazil 0055 (+55)
  • Portugal 00351 (+351)
  • Belgium 0032 (+32)
  • Chinese 0086 (+86)
  • Japan 0081 (+81)
  • United Arab Emirates 00971 (+971)
  • Australia 0061 (+61)

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