Best applications and websites to watch sports and soccer live

Sports enthusiasts are always looking for websites or applications that can watch live sporting events and football matches. We made a compilation based on the website with the best technical content in Portuguese, I think the Internet has become in the center of transmission of information and news in the world of sports. And parties. That is why they try to find a reliable platform to enjoy their favorite content.
Browsing the web, you can find a variety of options, allowing you to enjoy all the live sports entertainment in the comfort of your home. This is a guide that summarizes the best applications and websites to watch sports and football events on live.
Websites to watch sports and football live

batman stream

A sports website with a history, it cooperates with networks like Facebook and Twitter, where they share relevant content. It includes an online chat function that allows you to establish direct communication with other users while you enjoy the game and share your passion for sports.

Red Direct TV

This is another option to enjoy the best football anytime, anywhere. You can access this page from any Internet browser. The website has expanded its streaming network to mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, from where its European and South American league tournament catalogs can be accessed. It has become one of the favorite platforms in La Liga and the UEFA Champions League. It is considered the main space for the dissemination of sporting events on the rise.


Finally, I can tell you that the sports portal has a simple option that allows you to enjoy online sports events completely free of charge. One of the main drawbacks of the site is the large number of pop-up ads that distract from streaming videos. You may also experience some signal issues, resulting in poor streaming, dropped frames, or poor image quality.

Red card

It is considered one of the best options for watching live sports. On its user-friendly interface, you can access various channels. Live sporting events are equipped with live commentators. If you love European football, it should be the first choice to visit.
The downside of visiting this website is that a lot of pop-up ads may appear on your screen. Although these will not directly interfere with the live stream.


On this website, you can not only find live content and broadcasts from different regions of the world. You can also keep track of matches you haven't watched. The results table is always displayed on the portal home page. For game lovers, there is also an entertainment area where you can win with your favorite team. VIP League The portal site offers various sports radio programs. Like his professional football and boxing matches. You can consult its programming to choose the transmission that you do not want to miss.
Its player interface allows you to watch live programs in two video formats (standard and high definition). You do not need to register on their website to watch the sporting event of your choice.

live football

This website is specifically aimed at football fans. Its catalog of activities mainly offers Colombian soccer. For more information, you can also watch some major European soccer matches and Latin American matches.

ESPN Player

ESPN Player began as a great man in the world of sports and has become one of the most popular live streaming sites on the Internet. You can visit live matches or enjoy the matches up to 30 days after they are broadcast. However, a subscription is required. Check its availability in your country, because although it is one of the best options to see your player live, it may be restricted in some areas.


This popular social network offers free streaming copies of some UEFA Champions League matches and some other clubs, which have already reached agreements with important live broadcasting agreements. In the Facebook Watch section, everything is possible. In general terms, the platform will inform about upcoming matches and broadcast schedules. In some regions, restrictions on viewing this content may be active.

colorless and tasteless

There is Cricfree on the website to watch sports events on streaming media, which is an alternative method that can be accessed directly from a web browser with a user-friendly interface. Your live streaming options include broadcasts  of Formula One, European Football League, NFC matches, and various other sports. Includes free and paid content from well-known channels like NBC, Euro Sport, Fox Sport, etc. Therefore, you can choose your favorite channel to enjoy streaming.

Apps to watch football online and live sports
Another app to watch live sports, Pirlo TV is only available on Android. It is connected to Facebook and other networks. Which makes it very convenient to access it anytime, anywhere. To find streams more easily, categorize certain channels by region. To keep you updated, it provides all the programs of the next game.
If you wish, you can also visit their website on the Internet and play their programs from your PC. The most popular channels and the best league matches in the world are broadcast on Pirlo TV. However, because it's free, don't be surprised by its volume of advertising. live streamAnother app for iOS and Android, you can download it from Google Play and Apple Store at any time. It can also be used in a Windows environment. Enjoy high-quality live soccer content and many other sports that interest you.
In this application you can find free online video broadcasts and the latest news from the world of sports. Its biggest advantage is free streaming. Its worst drawback is that real-time playback cannot be fully guaranteed and video quality may not always be the best.

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