The best offline games for android


In this selection of  games without WiFi  or Internet you will find  titles of all kinds . Action, adventure, drama, racing, simulators, Also, it doesn't matter if you don't have enough free time: many of the games will allow you to play easily and simply anytime, anywhere.

Fortunately, there are still offline games for iOS and Android that work without an internet connection. And they are not bad, quite the opposite.  They are tremendously funny and entertaining. So these are some of the best offline games for Android 2022.

Candy Crush Saga

In this wonderful game we can Swap and match different candies in this fabulous skill adventure to get to the next level and savor that magnificent and sweet feeling of triumph. You can solve puzzles with quick thinking and smart moves, and enjoy delicious multi-colored waterfalls and tasty candy combos!

We must plan the movements well by combining 2 or more candies in a row and use the boosters well to overcome the most difficult puzzles. Pop chocolate and collect sweet candies through thousands of levels that will leave you wanting more!

It's time to enjoy this epic adventure alone or with your friends to see who can get the highest score in this wonderful game.

Fruit Ninja

Be the ultimate driver of sweet and savory destruction with every cut you make!

Players must slice the fruits, not slice the bombs, that's all you need to know to start the Fruit Ninja action! Challenge yourself and see how long you can stay in classic mode, set a high score in arcade mode, or just practice your fruit chopping skills in zen mode. An extensive progression of blades and dojos are at your fingertips to cooperate in slicing your way to the top.

Temple Run

Temple Run 2  is a very entertaining video game, in which we can spend hours and hours jumping until we can no longer continue, sliding and dodging all the obstacles that our brave protagonists come across in their desperate escape.

Our main objective in this game will be to run avoiding all the dangers such as abysses, ravines and all kinds of obstacles in our path placed at different levels that will force us to jump, slide, jump on a zip line or make sudden changes of course so as not to fall by none of the cliffs. All for wanting to run away with the cursed idol.

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb  is one of the most addictive and entertaining physics based driving game ever.

Have fun with your friends with the classic and original game Hill Climb Racing! You can race uphill in this physics based racing game!Take on all the challenges of unique uphill environments with loads of different vehicles at your disposal.Players will be earning bonuses by performing tricks on the hill. race that will only be fit for the brave and collect coins to improve your vehicle and reach higher points in a short time.

Join Clash 3D

Join Clash 3D  is a fun portal title that combines in an outstanding way the best organization in three dimensions with multiplayer elements, thus offering its players an experience as attractive as it is innovative that will delight all those who give it a chance in said game.

Players must survive a certain number of hunters to reach the end, or else they will destroy it!


The game consists of feeding and taking care of Pou and watching how it grows! Play different game modes in the game room and collect coins!Try out potions in the lab! Customize the appearance to have your Pou at ease! Try new outfits, hats and glasses among other things! Customize the background of each room your way! Unlock Achievements and special items! And best of all, being able to play with your friends and vote boredom.

The best thing about Pou, however, is that you can easily communicate with other users of that application. That is, through a good Internet connection we can visit other Pou friends and acquaintances to achieve other types of rewards.

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