Social networks are part of the lives of billions of people around the world. Each social network has its own uniqueness, and that is why they are more popular than other social networks. In this article, you will learn about the most popular social networks in 2022.
This list is based on the statistics of this year. We will provide you with the number of monthly active users and social media information.


It is the most famous popular network today, with 2.74 billion users, a figure that surprises anyone. This represents about a quarter of the population that uses Facebook.
The social network is one of the most complete networks, you can upload photos, videos, stories, surveys, updates, etc. You can add information that interests other people to your profile so they can better understand you. It is one of the pioneers in this field, and since then it has been developing by leaps and bounds.


This is the second most used social network in the world today, with 2.291 million users. This is not surprising, because the vast majority of multimedia content that exists on the Internet is presented here.
Thousands of content creators and audiovisual production enthusiasts of all styles come together on YouTube. The platform is dedicated to videos, be it original content or uploaded from other sources.


The mobile messaging application is currently the application with the largest number of users in the field of instant messaging. It currently has 2 billion users on the preferred platform and you can chat with friends, family and acquaintances.
WhatsApp allows you to communicate in various ways: you can send text messages, images, videos, stickers and emojis. If you want to make a call or a video call from the application, you can do it, it will improve every day to include new features and continue to grow as before.


The most famous photography social network in the world is destined to share photos with all the followers. Its growth rate is almost the same as that of Facebook, and it currently has 1.221 million users worldwide.
On Instagram, you can share photos and videos of any topic, and you can also upload reels for your followers to enjoy short videos. Here, you can also send messages to your contacts and share your story using the thousands of filters available.

Tik Tok

The latest version mentioned in the list has incredible potential and can enter an unprecedented new mode of social networking. The application currently has 689 million users, but has been growing exponentially.
Tik Tok is based on sharing short videos on various topics and tastes for all followers. The app is designed to encourage new talent and recognize younger users through the ForYou page. Soon we will see Tik Tok positioned as a social network with billions of users.

How to avoid being hacked on social networks in 2021?

Although everything seems to be going great on social networks, we can enjoy the experience without any inconvenience, it is always malicious. People who try to undermine the security of our account and seek to benefit from it in their own interests. Next, we will provide you with a series of tips to deal with hacker attacks and exploits on social networks, which we can find on websites such as www.hackear.mx.

  • Please do not provide your password and/or email to unknown persons under any circumstances.
  • Do not reveal personal information that could be harmful to you.
  • Always try to enter your visit details on trusted sites to avoid falling for phishing.
  • Check the URL of the page you are entering (if not an app)
  • Do not use your phone on public Wi-Fi networks, as data can easily leak in these situations.
  • Avoid lending your phone to strangers who want to "help" you.

With these simple tricks you can avoid panic on social networks and prevent yourself from being a victim of hacker attacks. You can see more examples at www.login-es.com

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