How to unlock any cell phone if you forgot the password 2022


Even if you think this won't happen to you, it's very common that we can't access our phone after an accidental lock. Whether due to carelessness or other reasons, it is very common for users to forget the unlock pattern, PIN code or password of an Android phone. Also, this situation makes us think of a question: how to unlock my phone?
You may be interested to know that there is more than one solution to this incident. And they can help you effectively whether you are tech-savvy or not. So, if your phone has recently been bricked, you don't need to worry. Today we will teach you some quick and easy tricks to help you unlock your device.

5 tips to unlock your phone

In case your phone accidentally gets locked, you have countless options.  However, today we pick the 5 easiest to make.  Next, we will explain how to unlock my phone one by one.
Find My Phone Tool The Find My Phone tool is a very useful alternative tool available on almost all Android phones.  If your device is connected to a Google account as usual, you can use this option to unlock your phone.
To do this, you just need to go to the link and enter your details.  Next, you need to select the locked device model, press lock, and then select a new password.


Gmail is another alternative that Google offers its users in case their devices accidentally get locked.
If you forgot the unlock pattern and entered it incorrectly 5 times, you just need to select the “Forgot Password” option. As long as you're connected to Wi-Fi or have data turned on, you can enter your Gmail email address and password. This will help you unlock the device.

PIN code and PUK code

One of the most common incidents of mobile phone blocking that we can find is related to the loss of the PIN code.
In these cases, what usually happens is that the user or a third party repeatedly tries to enter the wrong PIN code. This will automatically lock the mobile device as a security mechanism. The simplest solution here is to use the PUK code to unlock my phone.
Unblocking the PIN or PUK code is easier than it seems. If for some reason your PUK code is also blocked, simply contact your mobile operator and they can help you generate a new one.
After you restore your PUK code, you just need to restart your phone and enter the code to create a new PIN code.


One of the services that Android users are little known but also very useful in these situations is SmartLock.
SmartLock is Google's security manager, responsible for saving all the security information of our mobile phones. As long as you enable this feature, you can quickly and easily unlock your device via Bluetooth, facial recognition, and other options.


If, unfortunately, none of the above methods work for you, a hard reset is the most feasible option. This basically involves performing a factory reset on our phone.
Obviously, this will result in the complete loss of all our data, applications and settings preferences. However, if you have recently backed up your phone, you don't have to worry at all.
To use this feature, you just need to turn off your phone, then press and hold the volume up button and power button. This will take us to the recovery menu, where we will see several options. Next, select the “Wipe data / Restore factory settings” option.

Use these recovery methods to avoid other crashes

If you want to avoid these annoying situations in the future at all costs, be more careful and you will be able to implement it in a totally safe way. To do this, you can follow the tips below so you don't have to figure out how to unlock my phone:

  • Write down your unlock pattern, PIN and PUK code in a safe place.
  • Link your phone to a Google account to access its security management tools.
  • Back up your phone regularly.
  • Set up SmartLock on your phone..

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