7 best apps for Android mobiles


If Google's operating system has something, it is its extensive catalog of Android mobile applications. And, day after day, different developers are tasked with bringing us the most versatile and interesting apps you can imagine. Whether you are looking for apps that integrate mobile phone features or some entertainment apps, you can find this and more in the app store.
If you are one of those people who likes to try various new apps as a means of entertainment, then you have come to the right place. What you will see today is a small list of the best Android mobile apps of June this year.

Here are the best apps for Android phones 2022

Today, we will review the current list of the most popular mobile applications. If you can't find a specific app that appeals to you on this list, don't worry. You can browse the app store on your device at any time. Here are the apps that will enhance your Android experience:

Opera GX

Opera GX has gained fame in the field of web browsers. However, it is not a traditional browser. It is specifically aimed at the gaming community. And it has a set of special features that can certainly enhance the player experience.
This version allows you to set custom themes and view feeds of the latest gaming news, video game deals, and more. The most important thing is that you can sync this mobile application with your PC without any problem, which will allow you to access many other features.

Spotify Greenroom

Spotify's success as a streaming media app is undeniable. However, in June, the company decided to go a step further in favor of expanding its entertainment services.
In this way, the appearance of Spotify Greenroom has become an alternative to the famous Clubhouse application. This is how you can create chat rooms with other people in real time using this new app. Once the conversation in this chat room is over, it also allows you to post your recordings in podcast format.

Microsoft Edge Beta

The second web browser on this list is none other than Microsoft Edge. Although it is still in beta, the truth is that it offers many good things.
Right off the bat, we can say that it is a very fast and versatile browser, and it looks elegant and visually appealing. Currently, we are eager to release the final version to experience its full potential.


If you want to get an application that allows you to organize your daily work in a more efficient and educational way, Timetable is your solution. This is a free app that can help you create schedules, reminders, etc. through a fairly simple and attractive interface.
With it you can create your own schedule for each week as you like, and you can also synchronize your schedule in the cloud without any problem.


There is no doubt that a quite competent alternative to Google Photos is Ente. It has almost the same storage function as the photos and videos that we are all familiar with. However, it has a special privacy agreement, which is the most prominent feature of the app.
This is how their service provides meticulous end-to-end encryption, which will allow you to password-protect your content.

Life AR

This time, the TeamViewer team took on the development of the LifeAR app. This application is responsible for using augmented reality technology to explain in a simple way how to perform some common tasks at home.
If you have any problems with technology or cooking, this app is ideal. Just point the screen correctly and you will know how to connect the cable to the TV, program the thermostat or turn on the oven.

well paper

If you are one of the people who attach great importance to custom mobile themes, Wellpaper can be your best tool. The app works hand in hand with OnePlus to provide an extensive catalog of various animated wallpapers.
In addition, it also provides various organizational tools, entertainment, and more. The most important thing is that it is a free application

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